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Introducing the new “Masked Thunder” Clint Frazier shirt from BreakingT

Add the Masked Thunder shirt to your Yankees collection

Can you think of a player who has captured as much attention across baseball’s summer camps as Clint Frazier? The Yankees outfielder became the league’s de facto spokesperson for public health when he wore a mask on the field—including in the batter’s box.

Then, on Saturday night, the 25-year-old demonstrated an extreme, closed-off stance against the Mets. The adjustment paid immediate dividends, as Frazier crushed a home run into the second deck at Citi Field.

Frazier’s bomb went wild on social media, with many accounts noting that if Frazier could hit a ball that far while wearing a mask, we can all wear them while running errands. He made it look freaking cool.

Our friends at BreakingT thought the same, too, so they went to work developing a “Masked Thunder” shirt, featuring Frazier’s new look. You can purchase one at the link below.

As always, the design has the MLBPA’s seal of approval, it’s printed in America, and it’s quite comfortable. Grab a shirt, and while you’re at it, wear a mask, too.