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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 7/15/20

Tanaka unsure about Opening Day; Cole offers Yanks playoff-proven ace; Williams’ value to the Yankees’ most recent dynasty can’t be overlooked.

Masahiro Tanaka Waves During Training at Yankee Stadium Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday via Getty Images

New York Post | George A. King III: Masahiro Tanaka spoke to reporters through a Zoom call on Tuesday, and said he is uncertain if he will be ready for Opening Day after suffering a scary head injury when pitching to Giancarlo Stanton. But he did say he hasn’t felt any concussion symptoms, further proving that this man is just different. We’re wishing Tanaka a speedy recovery.

The Ringer | Zach Kram: We could probably use another reminder that Gerrit Cole is a Yankee. Here, Kram breaks down just how dominant Cole has been recently in his career, and how the Yanks are getting a proven stud in an area that has needed help for years: the starting rotation. And, one more time, for good measure, Gerrit Cole is a Yankee.

FiveThirtyEight | Neil Paine: You can’t talk about the most recent Yankees’ dynasty without the Core Four, but you shouldn’t be able to talk about that historic run without mentioning Bernie Williams. It absolutely is the Fab Five more than the Core Four, and Paine breaks down why here, showing Bernie’s value during the Yanks’ multiple World Series runs.