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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/8/20

Who will step up and show some leadership now that Sabathia is gone?; The Yankees may select RHP Bobby Miller with their first pick; Reggie Jackson attends protests in California.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

NY Post | George King III CC Sabathia was an intense competitor on the field and a beloved figure around the Yankees’ clubhouse. His retirement leaves the team without one of its leaders, so it’s fair to wonder who will step up and take a more vocal approach towards leadership. According to New York Post’s George King III, Brett Gardner would be a logical fit. “He and Sabathia were effective leaders because they worked well together in a way that was constructive in baseball matters as well as off-the-field situations. It was a nice mix because pitchers tend to listen to pitchers, and the same goes for position players gravitating toward other position players,” he wrote. Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge’s names were also mentioned in the article. | Randy Miller The Yankees are making their final preparations towards this week’s MLB Draft. They are not afraid to take some risks in the first round, and’s prospect analyst Kiley McDaniel thinks, according to his 1.0 and 2.0 mock drafts, that the Bombers may select Louisville hurler Bobby Miller with their 28th selection. Miller is tall and throws hard, but he is ranked by some scouts more in the 35-40 range. “Miller is a day one (top 37 picks) talent for lots of teams and he’ll probably be picked 25-40th overall, but I personally prefer some other arms slightly over him,” McDaniel wrote in an email to

NY Post: Yankees legend Reggie Jackson took to the streets this weekend to protest police brutality after George Floyd’s death. In a social media post, he noted that people’s response after what happened feels different this time around. “Our protest feels different this time. I could see it in the rainbow of skin colors in the crowd a couple days ago in my town at the Monterey Protest Walk. It pumped me up inside. Made me feel others could feel what my heart needs. I WAS A TEENAGER IN THE 60s. I’VE LIVED IT ! Finally more are understanding what I’ve felt for the past 60 years. And they’re with me. Made me smile, gave me hope,” were some of the lines he wrote.