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Ring in the re-start of baseball with updated Yankees shirts from BreakingT

BreakingT put a new spin on two classic shirts

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After nearly a month of deliberation, we now have a plan to re-start baseball. In exactly one week, players will report for a second round of spring training. That will all be in preparation for Opening Day, held on either July 23 or July 24.

This means, as Yankees fans, we will finally have a chance to watch Aaron Judge mash towering home runs, and Gerrit Cole blow his high-90s fastball by batters. To celebrate the occasion, our friends at BreakingT updated and relaunched two of their most popular shirts. In addition to the signature design on the front, the numbers for Judge and Cole are added to the back.

As always, BreakingT shirts are MLBPA approved, comfortable, and made in the USA. You can get yours by clicking the link below.