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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/20/20

Michael Kay calls out MLB players; Yankees President Randy Levine weighs in on the latest set of negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA; Phillies and Blue Jays close their spring training facilities.

David Cones 20th Anniversary of the Perfect Game Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The David Cone Foundation Gala | Randy Miller: Yankees play-by-play broadcaster Michael Kay called out MLB players again on his ESPN radio show. This time, it was for not living up to the message that they were singing on social media this week. “You can’t tell us when and where, and then say but only the way we want it.” Kay said. “It wasn’t when and where. It was only, ‘When or where so we could file a grievance.’

CBS Sports | Katherine Acquavella: New York Yankees President Randy Levine weighed in on the latest set of negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA, saying that he does not see MLB owners stretching their offer any further than 60 games. On Tuesday, Levine said Manfred was ‘absolutely committed’ to playing the 2020 season. However, with recent spikes in coronavirus cases and the two sides not agreeing on much, it’s hard to predict what will happen. | Brendan Kuty: On Friday, the Phillies closed their spring training facility following positive COVID-19 tests of five players and three staffers. The Toronto Blue Jays also shut down its facility after a player was reportedly experiencing coronavirus symptoms. So how does this relate to the Yankees? Well, Steinbrenner Field is about 25 minutes from the Philadelphia Phillies’ training home and approximately 45 minutes from the Toronto Blue Jays’ training spot. What will the Yankees decide to do?