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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/17/20

Levine hopes cooler heads will prevail in baseball’s labor dispute; Judge, Stanton, Hicks appear in Black Lives Matter video; Wells gets a Mauer comp

New York Yankees Introduce Masahiro Tanaka

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Do you know how badly you have to screw up to make Yankees president Randy Levine sound reasonable? “Everyone here wants to get down to business as soon as possible and play games,” he said. Levine didn’t make a perfect statement, as he did admonish players to get to the negotiating table, but compared to hardliners in the ownership ranks, he comes across looking okay.

New York Post | Dan Martin: It’s been 23 days since Minneapolis police officers killed George Floyd. In that time, players from across the league have used their platform to oppose police brutality, systemic racism, and white supremacy. Most recently, several current and former Yankees appeared in a video affirming Black Lives Matter. The powerful segment features Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, CC Sabathia, Andrew McCutchen, and Curstis Granderson, to name a few. Great work, guys. | Brendan Kuty: The 2020 MLB Draft has come and gone, but the selections remain in the news. Damon Oppenheimer, Yankees Vice President and Director of Amateur Scouting, offered scouting reports on the team’s three picks. Most interesting, he hit- catcher Austin Wells with a Joe Mauer comp. “I wish I could say yes, that there’s an exact player that he reminds me of,” Oppenheimer explained, “But it’s a little difficult because I’ve seen some Joe Mauer in this guy’s swing. I’ve seen some of that kind of pop at times.”