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Yankees release approximately 45 minor leaguers, per reports

The team is letting an unknown number of minor leaguers go as a cost-cutting measure

MLB London Series Announcement

The New York Yankees have a franchise worth $5 billion. The Yankees are also releasing approximately 45 minor leaguers as part of a coronavirus-related cost-cutting measure.

Those two sentences do not flow logically, yet here we are, with the organization expected to make the cuts by the end of the day. Jon Heyman first reported the imminent releases. Andy Martino, meanwhile, says players are being informed of their status as we speak. According to Erik Boland of Newsday, the 45 players will come from across all levels of the system, and remaining minor leaguers will earn their $400/week payment at least through the end of June.

This sucks.

The Yankees, of course, aren’t alone in releasing players. The Angels, Mariners, Brewers, and Mets are among the teams to have already cut minor leaguers. And, sure, some of these releases would have been made at the end of spring training under normal circumstances. These, however, are not normal circumstances. Released players are unlikely to latch on to another club, and many face the prospect of their pro ball dreams ending today.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals, the small-market, revenue cellar-dwelling Royals, will pay their minor leaguers throughout the summer. They won’t make any releases, either. How terrible is that? Ridiculous, really. Shameful, even.

According to Robert Pimpsner, the Bombers released the following players:

Ryan Lidge
Edwin Tordecilla

First basemen
Nelson B. Alvarez
Jake Farrell

Asdrubal Alvarez
Brayan Jimenez
Borinquen Mendez
David Metzgar
Danieger Perez
Mitchell Robinson
Jose Villa

Jose Cairo
Wilfre Favelo
Ricardo Ferreira
Leonel Hernandez
Alex Junior
Sandy Mota
Marco Naranjo

Argelis Herrera
Dalton Lehnen
Abismael Villaman
Joensy Abreu
Felix Alonzo
Jackson Bertsch
Wellington Caceres
Albert Carrizo
Austin DeCarr
Abel Estevez
Marcus Evey
Tyler Johnson
Oliver Lezcano
Anyelo Luna
Daniel Marten
Erick Mendez
Luis Nova
Jose Peguero
Ignacio Radney
Daniel Ramos
Carlos Rodriguez
Adonny Rojas
Carlos Santana
Victor Santana
Paul Young

In the meantime, on behalf of the Pinstripe Alley community, I want to thank all of the players for their hard work and efforts. They entertained us in-person at games up and down the East Coast, they gave us topics of discussion in the Baby Bomber Recaps, and they were a joy to get to know. Best of luck, fellas. We hope to see you again soon.