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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/9/20

Why the Yankees should push for a Lindor trade; Andujar patiently awaits baseball’s return; Sanchez ranks among game’s most underrated players

Cleveland Indians Photo Day Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images | Joe Giglio: Brian Cashman’s credentials as Yankees general manager need no embellishments; the 52-year-old sits in the upper-echelons of the baseball executive parthenon. While he excels by every measure, his mastery of the trade market stands out as nonpareil. Could Cashman pull off another heist? Enter Francisco Lindor.

Cleveland’s shortstop extraordinaire recently told reporters he had no interest in an extension, preferring to test the open market as a free agent following the 2021 season. The Yankees apparently like Lindor quite a bit, which makes sense considering his talent level: the 26-year-old owns a career .288/.347/.493 batting line and averages 29 home runs a year (119 OPS+).

Trading for Lindor sounds like a total long shot, but then again...

New York Post | George A. King III: Miguel Andujar last took the field for the Yankees on May 12, 2019. After successfully rehabbing from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, Andujar expected to rejoin the club on Opening Day 2020. The problem? Opening Day 2020 has yet to arrive due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I miss [baseball] a lot,” Andujar told King. “You put together the fact that I missed so much time last year and then working myself back over many months and now we have to wait.” Hopefully Andujar will pick up where he left off if-and-when the season starts.

Sports Illustrated | Matt Martell: I repeat it a lot here, but mainly because people refuse to accept it, but allow me to indulge myself once more: Gary Sanchez is freaking good. In fact, the catcher ranks among Sports Illustrated’s most underrated baseball players. I have a lot to say on the matter—over 2,000 words, to be exact—but I will save that for our Rebuilt series in two weeks. Martell sagely advises the Yankees against moving on from Sanchez, nothing “there is never a good reason to trade a catcher who can hit like that.”