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An update on what the Yankees are doing during the shutdown

A few Yankees taking hacks in the cage and a hot take from CC Sabathia.

Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB via Getty Images

It’s been 80 days since Major League Baseball announced the suspension of spring training and the delaying of Opening Day. Although no official activities have occurred in quite some time, players throughout the league have continued to keep loose. Let’s check back in and see what some Yankees have been up to.

Gleyber Torres

No one knows when Major League Baseball will resume play, but like many others, Gleyber Torres is staying ready. He posted a video of himself on his Instagram story of him taking batting practice in the cage. Like always, that swing is beautiful, and he’s ready to have a monster season.

The 23-year-old wasn’t only taking batting practice this past week, he also had a feature on @NikeDiamond on Instagram where he talked about his custom shoes and cleats.


Gio Urshela

Torres wasn’t the only one working in the cage this week, and certainly not the last. Gio Urshela took some hacks to prepare for whenever the season may start. Brian Cashman said earlier in the offseason that third base was Urshela’s job to lose, and he plans on keeping it that way.


Aaron Hicks

Hicks was in last week’s social media update, but he needed to be featured again as he continues to rehab from Tommy John surgery. Like his teammates, he was getting some work in the batting cage. He took some hacks while his brother, Joe, recorded the Yankee outfielder.


Luke Voit

He won the “good guy of the week” award last week, and he may be keeping his title for this week. Voit continued signing the children’s book (that was based off of him) and delivered them to schools in the Bronx for the students to keep. Keep up the good work, Luke! Everyone needs a good news during these trying times.


Tyler Wade

We have been providing you with a weekly update on what the Bombers are doing on social media since the shutout, but the official Yankees Twitter account has been supplying a weekly at-home workout that features some players. This week was Tyler Wade. Both he and Brett McCabe showed us how to workout our abs!

CC Sabathia

I left this one for last for two reasons: Sabathia no longer plays for the team, and this is a hot take that some people may not like. During his podcast with Ryan Rucco called “R2C2,” CC said that Shohei Ohtani, the versatile player for the Los Angeles Angels, is the “best baseball player” he’s seen in his life. He referred to the fact that Ohtani can “hit the ball 900 feet and throw 99 off the mound.” Does this mean that Mike Trout isn’t even the best player on his team, let only the entire league?


That’s all the updates we have for you today. Check back next week to see more of what the Yankees are doing during their free time!