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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/3/2020

The jury is still out on Frazier; Giambi comments on Steroid Era and Astros cheating scandal; some thoughts on LeMahieu from the Denver Post; Baseball-Reference OOTP season has Judge batting sixth

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

New York Post | George A. King III: We’re coming up to four years since the Yankees traded Andrew Miller for a collection of prospects, including the polarizing outfielder Clint Frazier. Thanks to a 2018 season limited due to concussion injuries and a glut of outfielders on the Yankees’ roster, the jury is still out on him, with many scouts impressed with his bat and the adjustments he has made at the plate, although the defensive concerns still remain. If and when the 2020 season starts up, however, he should get a spot on the likely-expanded rosters even if everybody is healthy. | Randy Miller: Throughout the entire Astros sign-stealing scandal this winter, many comparisons were made to the Steroid Era. At last, we’ve heard what one of the players from that old scandal has to say about it. Former Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi does not find it surprising that the Astros attempted to gain every advantage to win the World Series, and compared it to the advantage many players in his generation attempted to gain via performance-enhancing drugs. Of course, while Giambi does not call the Astros out for their lack of remorse, he does consider the fact that he was to able to earn the fans’ forgiveness via apologizing and receive a second chance the “biggest thing that came out of that.”

Denver Post | Patrick Saunders: With as scarcity of New York-based news yesterday, we turn to the Denver Post, where Patrick Saunders includes a few thoughts about the impacts of the delayed season. He considers the Dodgers the potential biggest losers in a shortened season, due to losing three prospects for half a season’s worth of Mookie Betts. He also calls attention to former Rockies second baseman and impending free agent DJ LeMahieu; while acknowledging that LeMahieu has enjoyed New York and that an extension with the Yankees makes sense, he speculates that the shortened season could put the marriage on shaky grounds.

Baseball-Reference: As we’re desperate for Yankees news, the Baseball-Reference Out of the Park simulation Yankees improved to 24-10 after outlasting the Toronto Blue Jays in 10 innings. Somehow, I feel as though they may not have needed to go to extra innings if Aaron Judge was batting higher than sixth in the order.