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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/28/20

How the suggested pay cuts affect the Yankees; A prominent ex-Yankee speaks out; Why the Yankees need J.A. Happ now

New York Yankees Introduce Gerrit Cole Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images | Brendan Kuty: Major League Baseball’s proposed player pay-cuts leaked out a few nights ago, and the reaction from many players was negative. The new cuts, which are further cuts than the previously-agreed prorated salaries, function on a sliding scale, meaning the players who make more money would lose more money than a player on his rookie deal. This affects several Yankees, who have the highest payroll in the league. The proposed salaries for some Yankees, including Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton and Masahiro Tanaka are included in this story.

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Remember when J.A. Happ seemed like a goner? With the MLB season potentially getting closer to a return, the Yankees should be happy they kept him. The Yankees already had a difficult spring training full of injuries, and a condensed schedule might further increase injury risk as the athletes play more games in less time. Happ has averaged 30 appearances and 168 innings over the last six years, and his durability, along with his revised pitching mechanics, could prove valuable to the Yankees should the season resume. | Brendan Kuty: One prominent former-Yankee spoke out about the new cuts. Andrew Miller, now of the St. Louis Cardinals, explained his disappointment with the proposal, saying that players want to get back on the field, but still have to protect their rights and reach a “common ground.” Given that Miller is a member of the MLB Player’s Association’s Executive Board, MLB might want to listen to what one of the most powerful player representatives has to say.