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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/27/20

Yankees physician worries about spike in injuries if season restarts; Experts weigh in on MLB’s proposed restart plan; MLB makes official proposal to players; Girardi thinks Posada should be in the Hall.

MLB: New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports | Mike Rosenstein: Dr. Chris Ahmad, the Yankees’ team physician, expressed concern about player health should MLB hold an abbreviated spring training next month ahead of a potential July start. Ahmad expects some players to gain the “COVID 15”, as he believes it’s more difficult to stay in top shape while alone. He also pointed to the typical spike in Tommy John surgeries in spring training as another reason to worry, as players quickly ramping up after a few months of down time could lead to another spike in arm injuries.

The Ringer | Michael Baumann: MLB’s potential plan to start in July has been reported and thoroughly dissected for weeks. Here, Baumann talked to a few epidemiologists and public health experts about MLB’s proposal. They all indicated that there will be transmission of the coronavirus among players and team personnel if they spend time together in clubhouses and on team planes and buses. MLB has stated it intends to play through individual positive tests, but it’s unlikely that will be feasible if chunks of teams test positive.

ESPN | Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers: MLB made an official proposal to the MLBPA, starting off what’s sure to be a contentious week of negotiations. The league’s proposal scrapped the revenue sharing idea that many players publicly rejected, but still offered significant paycuts, especially to the highest-paid players. After the players seemingly resoundingly panned MLB’s previously floated plan to cut pay, it stands to reason the union will also shoot down the league’s continued insistence to have players eat the losses in a pandemic. | Randy Miller: Former Yankee manager Joe Girardi recently made a Hall-of-Fame case for his former teammate: Jorge Posada. Girardi argued Posada was underrated among the Core Four, and that the five-time All-Star belongs in the Hall. Posada’s WAR totals lag behind typical Hall standards, though that isn’t necessarily the be-all-end-all.