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What if Eduardo Nunez was the greatest player alive?: Part three

Virtual Eduardo Nunez is putting up historic numbers for the Yankees.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Welcome to the next installment of our journey to turn Eduardo Nunez into the greatest player in baseball using Out of the Park Baseball 21. When we last checked in, Nunez was leading baseball in several statistical categories, and had put up over four WAR in April alone. He also became a pitcher and threw two no-hitters. Here’s part three, where we go through the All-Star break.

Eduado Nunez began the month of May where he left off in April, going 1-2 with three walks in a win over the Blue Jays. However, he would be out-staged to start the month when Mike Ford, filling in for an injured Luke Voit, won AL Player of the Week.

He took the mound for the first time in May on the 5th, doing so while also hitting in the lineup for the first time. (It took me a while to find the setting to allow him to also bat as the starting pitcher in games with DHs.) Nunez threw a perfect game, striking out 26 of 27 batters.

He even picked up two hits in support of himself. He followed that outing with another perfect game in his next start against the Rays. The writer, either unaware of what happened last time or just making an aesthetical choice, called the second one “the best game of (Nunez’s ) life.”

On May 22nd, Nunez throws yet another perfect game. In his postgame press conference, he says, “I can tell you I’ve dreamed about a day like this.” However, as mentioned, he’s thrown several already, so it’s unclear whether or not Nunez thinks this is an out of body experience.

On May 26th, he had arguably the worst game of his reborn career. Against his former team, the Twins, Nunez went 0-5, leaving seven runners on base. The outing dropped his batting average to .431. He followed that up the following day by shutting Minnesota out on the mound and driving in both of the Yankees’ runs in a 2-0 win.

The end of the month saw Nunez once again win AL Player of the Month. However despite throwing multiple perfect games in the month, he was somehow beaten for the AL Pitcher of the Month award by teammate Gerrit Cole.

The new month began with him on the mound, throwing yet another perfect game. He still seems unaware that this is real life, and had just happened not that long ago.

He also hit a home run in the win.

In the last couple days of May, Gary Sanchez went down with an injury that kept him out a few days, but wasn’t bad enough to send him to the IL. Erik Kratz filled in for him several days in a row, but eventually needed a rest. On June 3rd, Nunez was told to strap on the pads and make his major league debut at catcher. James Paxton and Aroldis Chapman combined to throw a shutout to Nunez, who himself hit two doubles and a home run. With his newly found catching abilities, the Yankees are able to use him as the backup and jettison Kratz when Voit returns.

From May 20th to June 5th, the Yankees went on a 16-game winning streak. In that time, Nunez went 24-52.

On June 22nd, Nunez — and the Yankees as a whole — put in arguably the best offensive performance in MLB history.

Within his six hits, Nunez recorded a cycle, and even found time to add in a walk.

Unsurprisingly, Nunez was voted as an All-Star starter at third base. He received a league best 9,172,034 votes. That total was more than double what any other player at any other position got.

The Yankes took a 20 games lead into the AL East into the All-Star break. Meanwhile, Nunez finished the first half of the season leading the league in batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, runs, triples, total bases, stolen bases, extra base hits, isolated power, OPS+, WPA, wOBA and WAR. Speaking of WAR...

According to Baseball-Reference WAR, only five people have better seasons than the 11.9 that Nunez has put up by the All-Star break. Not to mention, that’s only the batting side of things.

As for Nunez himself, he’s still feeling pretty good about things.