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Turn back the clocks with BreakingT’s new Reggie Jackson shirt

Mr. October joins BreakingT’s Classic Collection

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We’ve spent the last few weeks diving deep into Yankees history. We’re lucky in a sense—without live games to cover, we have the benefit of the team’s rich backstory. The club has no shortage of legends, larger than life characters, and situational heroes.

One of the most polarizing figures ever to play in the Bronx also happens to be one of the best: Reggie Jackson. Mr. October, the straw who stirred the drink, made his mark in pinstripes instantly. His shining moment, however, came in Game Six of the 1977 World Series, when he clubbed three home runs against the Dodgers, earning series MVP honors in the process.

That effort landed its way into BreakingT’s Classic Collection, a series of shirts commemorating historic moments across MLB.

As always, BreakingT shirts are comfortable, MLBPA approved, and made in America. You can order yours by clicking here. Grab one today!