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What if Eduardo Nunez was the greatest player alive?: Part two

The virtual new and improved Nunez begins his journey.

San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees

On Wednesday, I began a quest to make Eduardo Nunez the best player in MLB using the baseball simulation game Out of the Park Baseball 21. Here is part two in our journey.

The new and improved Eduardo Nunez makes his debut on March 28th against the Orioles. Still learning his new powers, he goes 1-for-3 with a walk, but the Yankees fall to 0-2 with another weird loss to Baltimore. The Yankees finally pick up a win in game three, with Nunez going 2-for-5 with three RBI.

As the season shifts to Tampa Bay, Nunez starts to explode, hitting two home runs in a 5-1 win. Manager Aaron Boone, who keeps attempting my orders to keep Nunez in the lineup and bat him third, is eager to hand out credit to everyone but his new star.

Unfortunately, the rest of the lineup, save for Brett Gardner, started the season in a slump. However thanks in large part to Nunez, they were 5-4 through the first nine games, and he was honored as AL Player of the Week.

Through just nine games, he has accumulated 1.3 WAR. On April 7th, the 11th game of the season, he had his first hitless game, but he did draw a walk in a win over the Orioles. He rebounded the following day, but was overshadowed by a five-RBI game from Erik Kratz.

On April 10th, Nunez showed off the on-base aspect of his new found skills, drawing four walks in a win against the Athletics.

On April 15th, Nunez went 2-for-3 with a home run, a triple, and two walks. It took his OPS to 1.649, almost 400 points higher than Mike Moustakas, who was second in all of baseball at 1.281.

Two days later, after much secret experimenting in bullpen sessions, Boone decided to break the seal on Nunez pitching and gave him the start against the Reds. He threw a no-hitter with 27 strikeouts. Still unsure of how he is so good, he stays humble and gives plenty of credit to his teammates.

Naturally, because he still is Eduardo Nunez, he missed out on a perfect game because he hit a batter.

He was given another start five days later, and struck out 17 in seven innings. Nunez had pitched in just two games and was now fifth in MLB in strikeouts. Another no-hitter followed shortly after that. Boone had fully given into the Nunez phenomenon and not only kept him in the lineup, but the rotation as well.

Shockingly, Nunez’s performance saw him win AL Player of the Month for April. He finished the month with a .435/.560/.965 batting line with eight home runs. His 4.2 WAR from the offensive side of things in the month was greater than the 2019 seasons of Jose Altuve, Kris Bryant, and Gio Urshela. Then add in the fact that he put up 2.2 WAR in his starts on the mound. Either way, he had a pretty sizable lead in that stat.

His play also helped the Yankees open up a 4.5 game lead in the AL East with a 24-8 record. Needless to say, the Yankees’ new star was feeling pretty good about things.