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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/18/20

How close the Yankees were to trading for Zack Wheeler; What Paul O’Neill misses the most; What attending sports might look like after the pandemic

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

SNY | Andy Martino: Sprinkled into this weekly Yankees fan mailbag is a question about any potential Yankees-Mets trades. Martino dropped a nugget about the Yankees’ rumored negotiations with the Mets last year on Zack Wheeler, indicating that a deal had been tentatively agreed upon, but ultimately flopped because of medical concerns on one of the players. Wheeler, who the Mets kept down the stretch but later signed with Philadelphia, would have helped the Yankees last season, but likely wouldn’t have re-signed. The last trade of substance between the Mets and Yankees (beyond minor league swaps) is the 2004 Felix Heredia-for-Mike Stanton swap, but maybe the teams might trade again soon. | Randy Miller: Paul O’Neill is as beloved a modern Yankees figure as any, and we’re certainly missing hearing him on the mic for the YES Network. Turns out, he’s missing baseball too. Specifically, O’Neill misses hearing the constant banter between New Yorkers in the city about how the Yankees are doing.

We hear you, Paulie.

Boston Globe | Alex Speier: In this longform piece, the Globe looks at how the fan experience might change at sports events years down the line from the COVID-19 pandemic. From entry and exit points, to concessions and merchandise, to wearing masks to reducing capacities, there’s a lot to consider here, and a lot that sports has to get right regarding the risk of re-spreading the virus.