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Ask Pinstripe Alley: Yankees mailbag questions request

Send in your questions for this week’s mailbag

Ask Pinstripe Alley

For once I would like to open the mailbag call without recapping the latest injury news. Last week, the Yankees announced that Aaron Judge has a stress fracture in his ribs, plus Gary Sanchez has a sore back. I had a blast with the 2019 Yankees and the “Next Man Up” crew, but I want nothing to do with the endless stream of injuries again.

With this week’s mailbag, you may want to ask about Judge, Sanchez, or any of the other injuries. Perhaps you want to know how other players have performed with similar conditions. Or maybe you want to know more about the fifth-starter competition. Any and all Yankees questions are welcome, from the widely general to granularly specific.

Answers will run on Friday morning. All questions received by the night of March 12th will be considered. You can leave your submissions in the comment section below or by e-mail to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks everyone!