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Second Yankees minor league player tests positive for coronavirus

Another Yankees minor leaguer has tested positive for COVID-19.

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Two days after a Yankees minor league player tested positive for coronavirus, ESPN’s Jeff Passan has reported that a second Yankee minor leaguer has tested positive. This also represents the second reported case of coronavirus among the professional baseball players.

When the first positive test came to light, it was quickly made clear that the player in question had stayed within the Yankees’ minor league facilities in Tampa, making it unlikely that he come into contact with major leaguers. This, of course, ignored the very many athletes and personnel the player would have come into contact with at the minor league facility. Other minor league players were surely exposed to the virus, made clear by this second positive test.

In light of the first positive test, the Yankees quarantined their minor leaguers. We may see in the coming days the extent to which the virus has afflicted the team’s farmhands. Jon Heyman reported that the first player to test positive was recovering well, and we hope the same goes for the second player.

As always, be safe everyone, and we continue to encourage you to practice social distancing to whatever extent possible.