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Yankees mailbag: Luis Severino, injuries, MLB Draft, more

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The answers to this week’s mailbag are here!

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Morning, everyone, happy Friday! We have a solid mailbag this week, with four questions. Of course injuries took up most of the space, but there’s some interesting stuff in here on the MLB Draft. As always, send in questions through our weekly mailbag call or by e-mail to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

Kyle Ren asks: How do you think the Yankees will handle the Luis Severino issue? Do they go in-house or look around the league? With James Paxton coming back in May, could they just plug in a replacement until the trade deadline? Could Domingo German be an option assuming he’s re-instated after he serves his suspension?

Losing Severino to Tommy John surgery sucks on so many levels. Not only does it hurt the team, further thinning out the rotation, but he’s such an easy player to get behind. It’s hard not to love Sevy.

“But this time of year, that’s how it shakes out, especially until after the June draft regardless. So, you rely on your depth,” Brian Cashman told Brendan Kuty on Tuesday. “And I wouldn’t say (to) expect any domino effect or cause and effect in terms of us being able to go to the marketplace, where a marketplace typically this time of year doesn’t exist.”

Executive says team will roll with in-house options to replace injured player—news at 11. Obviously the Yankees lose any leverage by publicly admitting they’re in the market for a pitcher. Agents and teams use that kind of info to extract as much value out of the Bombers as possible.

A few free agents remain unsigned, but unless you really like Andrew Cashner, they don’t offer much in terms of potential. The Yankees aren’t against adding depth, think Gio Gonzalez last year, but they seem more inclined to play with whom they already have.

Bruce asks: On what date can players go on the 60-day injured list? I assume Aaron Hicks goes on this for sure, and it would open up a roster spot.

It appears teams can use the injured list as soon as camp officially opens. The Red Sox have already placed Dustin Pedroia on the 60-day IL. I assume that once the Yankees need a roster spot, they will then make their injured-list adjustments.

Alexander asks: Where does RHP Mike Vasil rank on lists of top college prospects? Any chance the Yankees draft him next year when he’s eligible?

Vasil ranks as the 16th best prospect in the 2021 MLB Draft pool, according to FanGraphs’ The Board. He’s the 10th best college prospect currently on the list. “Smooth righty with three above average pitches, potential mid-rotation starter, turned down millions out of high school by taking his name out of the draft,” reads their summary of the 20-year-old.

In his freshman season for the University of Virginia, Vasil pitched to a 5.93 ERA (5.57 FIP) with a 1.56 WHIP and a 10.61 HR/9. The results aren’t all that important for his first year playing NCAA baseball. His stuff and delivery stand out.

The Yankees have targeted college right-handers in the draft before, notably James Kaprielian in 2015 and Clarke Schmidt in 2017. A lot can happen between now and 2021, but Vasil is definitely worth following. If nothing else, the Yankees should do their due diligence.

Richard asks: Have you ever noticed that professional baseball people seem to use the word “obviously” more than non-baseball people?

I can’t say that I have, but I obviously will notice it from now on.