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Settle the debate with a new Yankees shirt from BreakingT

You can’t go wrong with a Judge and Torres ticket

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You know why 2020 is a big year? It’s because the Yankees appear the legitimate favorites in the American League. In a referendum on entirety of Major League Baseball, the Bombers have a chance to climb above cheating and restore the league to a respectable position.

Who better to carry the torch than Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres, two of the team’s youngest and brightest superstars? Judge has a magisterial presence already, including his own chambers in the Yankee Stadium outfield. Torres, meanwhile, has made a pair of All-Star teams. Their credentials are impeccable. The experts agree: this is a winning ticket.

To get the campaign off the ground, our friends at BreakingT put together a new t-shirt and hoodie:

As always, BreakingT shirts are comfortable, MLBPA approved, and made in America. You can order yours by clicking here. Grab one today!