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Ask Pinstripe Alley: Yankees mailbag questions request

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Give us your questions for the first week of spring training!

Ask Pinstripe Alley

Pitchers and catchers report for the Yankees in two days! And while nothing much happens that day besides a press conference and maybe some photos, it’s better than nothing. The road to the 2020 season starts in about 48 hours.

To get ready, let’s take questions for the first mailbag of spring training. Any and all Yankees questions are welcome. You may want to ask about signings and trades that have occurred while teams were in camp, or memorable spring performances. You may have thoughts on the non-roster invitees. Perhaps you want to know more about Miguel Andujar’s adjustments to the outfield. I’m open any range of questions, from the highly technical to the general.

Answers will run on Friday morning. All questions received by the night of February 13th will be considered. You can leave your submissions in the comment section below or by e-mail to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks everyone!