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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 12/30/20

Wednesday’s open thread.

Karim Garcia slides safely into second base
“Who is Karim García?”
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Guess what, everyone? This year is almost history! If you’re reading this around lunchtime on the East Coast, then Australia’s already on New Year’s Eve! Lucky ducks. Congratulations to Graeme Lloyd and his pals. Have a Tooheys for me at midnight.

On this side of the world this morning, Dan will argue that Luis Medina is finally reaching his potential as a top Yankees pitching prospect, and Jake will suggest veteran reliever Joakim Soria as a steady bullpen addition. Later on, Andrés will put forth Michael King as a surprise breakout candidate in 2021, and Peter will explain why the Yankees should make like the Padres (what a time to be alive) and actually go all-in.

Fun Questions

  1. Thought experiment: If the Yankees suddenly had to start their franchise over tomorrow and keep only one player, who would it be for you?
  2. So holy hell, the Padres seem to be getting Yu Darvish in addition to Blake Snell. Do you think that’s enough pitching in addition to their offense to give the Dodgers an actual fight for the NL West in 2021? Or are the defending World Series champs too dominant?