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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/29/20

Gary opens up; Rays deal Snell; Tanaka’s value on the market

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | Marly Rivera: One of the bigger stories of the Yankee offseason, catcher Gary Sánchez sat down with ESPN for a wide-ranging interview detailing his side of his terrible 2020 campaign. Sánchez went deep into his relationship with the team and apparent lack of good communication from management, as well as his adjustments offensively that he’s betting will make him one of baseball’s best catchers again. Tom will have more on the topic later today.

New York Daily News | Bradford William Davis: By now you’ve heard about the Rays trading Blake Snell to the Padres for a prospect package. Everyone has their own take on whether this was, on net, good for each team and good for the game at large, but everyone can also agree that this is what the Rays do. The team is likely to continue to cut payroll, and we can probably expect at least one more trade out of them before the winter’s over.

Forbes | Wayne G. McDonnell, Jr.: The Yankees need pitching help, and one of the questions of the winter is whether Masahiro Tanaka is the kind of guy that can be helpful. He’s been league average or so for the past three seasons in the Bronx and a proven playoff performer, but in a budget-conscious Yankee front office, the questions around value continue. This is a nice dive into the financial calculus of the offseason, and especially the Yankees and their brushes with the CBT threshold.