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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 12/25/20

Enjoy a Christmas Day open thread.

Holiday Season In Vancouver Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Hey folks, hope you’re having a great holiday season. If you’re unable to spend the festivities with family like normal this year, feel free to chat with your baseball family on here today. This is going to be a more relaxed day on the site, as we’ll only be running a couple of pieces in the afternoon. We’ve got our daily history post, this time focused on the highs and lows of Billy Martin as well as a celebration of Rickey Henderson. Matt gives us a lighthearted look at the “gifts” the Yankees have received over the years in the form of lopsided trades, and I’ll answer your mailbag questions.

Fun Questions:

1. Did you get anything you really wanted for Christmas this year? Did you give something to someone that they really wanted?

2. Any interest in the NBA/NFL games on the slate tonight?