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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/21/20

CC Sabathia opens up ahead of his documentary; David Cone sees Clarke Schmidt breaking into the rotation this year; J.T. Realmuto remains an enticing option with Mets out of the market

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

NY Daily News | Bradford William Davis: CC Sabathia’s documentary on his own life and struggles with addiction is set to come out on Tuesday, and he talked to Davis beforehand to open up about the impact of his journey. Sabathia goes in depth about his experience with alcoholism, adding that he opened up in the hopes that he could help others who are struggling, particularly black men like himself who dealt with the social taboos of speaking out about it. Andrew had an advanced viewing of the documentary and will review it later this morning. | Randy Miller: As it stands, the Yankees are a pitcher short of a full rotation while they wait for Luis Severino to recover from Tommy John surgery. There’s plenty of uncertainty beyond that, but at a minimum they’ll have some unproven pitchers vying to get significant starting time. David Cone believes that Clarke Schmidt can separate himself from the pack at some point this season, establishing himself as a mid-backend starter. | Joe Giglio: DJ LeMahieu is still sitting on the free agent market, with not much movement in terms of negotiations. Surprisingly, so is J.T. Realmuto — and one of the biggest contenders for his services locked up a different catcher recently. That, combined with a seeming lack of a competitive offer from other suitors like the Phillies and Nationals, might stir up conversations about the Yankees entering his market.