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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 12/15/20

Tuesday’s open thread.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Where have you gone, Melk DiMaggio?

There will only be two Tuesdays left in the year after this one. Kinda wild! Think the Yankees will make it one to remember? Probably not.

Either way, we have some fine blogs for you today. Josh will shed some excellent insight on how the Yankees could get a jump on the next sports gambling boom, and Kunj will make the case for why the Yanks should consider another reunion with old favorite David Robertson. Andrés will then look into the case for Yadier Molina in pinstripes, and Tom will wrap up the day with a proper admonishment of the always cash-flush Yankees for acting stingy toward their team MVP, DJ LeMahieu.

Fun Questions

  1. Domingo Germán has been atrocious in the Dominican Winter League. Is that too small a sample for you to worry about, or is it only exacerbating your concerns of him in the 2021 Yankees’ starting rotation?
  2. Reliever Luis Avilán signed with the Nationals yesterday. Be honest: had you already forgotten that he was on the Yankees in 2020?