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A PSA from PSA

We repudiate in the strongest of terms Vox’s decision to dismiss managing editor Tyler Norton.

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The Pinstripe Alley team was informed yesterday that our site manager, Tyler Norton, was let go effective immediately. This news has shocked our staff, as under Tyler’s leadership, Pinstripe Alley has thrived. The site has ranked among the traffic leaders of SB Nation baseball blogs throughout the season, but more importantly, he has built an excellent staff of writers and developed a tremendous work environment.

To say we disagree with Vox’s decision to release Tyler would be an understatement. Tyler is beloved amongst the staff. He consistently reached out to make sure everyone was doing alright through a massively turbulent year. He offered fair critique and advice that made every article we produced better, and a built a tight-knit culture that allowed every staff member to learn and flourish.

To lose his leadership would be a harsh blow, but the process has been handled exceptionally poorly. Tyler is no longer in charge of PSA, but we have received no guidance as to who is supposed to take his place. Requests for clarification have been stonewalled; we have no idea of what the plan is for the site in the near- or long-term.

After a number of discussions with the rest of the staff, we have come to an agreement. To show solidarity with Tyler and voice our frustration with the situation as a whole, there will be no PSA-written articles going up on the site throughout this weekend. We would like Vox to reconsider this decision immediately, as it would be in the best interest of the site and the staff.

You can read Tyler Norton’s farewell post here.