This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for NY

The current Free Agent Market is now exploding with talent and there's going to be a clear dearth of bidders with deep pockets to employ them after they huge money suck that 2020 has been on the MLB in it's entirety.

We all know the Yankees lost money last year, every team did. No Fans, no hot dogs and beer to sell them, no parking fees, no ticket revenue, no merch....we get it. BUT...the Yankees have been printing money for DECADES prior to this dumpster fire of a year. They should now view 2021 as a Red year, meaning they're GOING to lose money. Why? Because they'll conceivably be playing 162 games, more than likely without fans for at least the first 1/2 of the season while paying full salaries to Players, Managers, Trainers, Scouts, Front Office, etc. That's a big chunk of change, no doubt. I'm not arguing that it's a smart business move to lose over 200 million dollars in a calendar year. Few companies would survive that amount of crushing monetary loss. But this isn't fast food chain or frozen yogurt shop...this is the New York Yankees. The Yankees can afford to lose money for a year, but in actuality, they more than likely won't lose money in 2021, they may break even, but who knows at this point. A lot will depend on COVID and how it will impact fans being allowed into ballparks.

If the Yankees have a rosy outlook on 2021 and COVID, they should use this opportunity to go after ALL of their glaring needs on the diamond. That should start with SP. Right now there's nobody behind Cole that's Ace Like or Ace Adjacent, other than Severino, and he of course is laid up most of 2021 recovering from TJ Surgery. Right now, Charlie Morton, Trevor Bauer and Cory Kluber among others (including 2 SP from the 2020 Rotation), but those 3 are the large targets for SP. Bauer comes with Draft Pick compensation so don't look for Cash to do anything w/him, it's just a non-starter for Cash typically when you also have to include draft collateral.

I could see a Low Risk/High Reward type of 2 year deal for Kluber to get him back on the mound, get healthy and leave him a path to getting back to his typical Ace stuff. It would be a low $$$ contract for sure, but it could be lucrative for him if he can return to form.

I've always thought Morton was one of the most underrated SP of the past 5 years. His spin rate, velocity and location are just out of this world and he induces soft contact along with K's, pretty much a textbook perfect pitcher for Yankee Stadium. I'd offer him an incentive laden 2 or 3 year deal and pair him back with Cole, his battery mate from his days in Houston and sell the dream of more rings to him.

If they could land Kluber and Morton, 2021 would be almost a guaranteed WS Year.

Bullpen: Lots of options here, most will say Hand, but the Yankees already have 2 stud lefties in the pen, so I don't see them going after him. Maybe O'Day or Sergio Romo would be nice pickups to shore up the pen.

Defense: Not a lot of top quality SS out there right now, so the Yankees will more than likely kick the tires on a trade for Franciso Lindor. This would more than likely cost 1 of either Voit or Frazier, so while I don't love this idea, I don't quite hate it. I really want Voit to be in the lineup for the next decade plus. He's a lightning in a bottle type player....but he's a luxury. His huge bat and his league average 1B are effectively making Gleyber Torres at SS a liability. Not his fault mind you, but if the Yankees can re-sign DJ, you either have to close your eyes, pinch your nose and roll out Gleyber as your full time SS and just live with all the errors. could trade Voit and a package of future stars for LIndor, move Gleyber back to 2B and let DJ play all over the diamond, but mostly 1B. I still don't love this idea, but I like it a bit more than letting Gleyber play SS for the next 5 years.

So the above moves alone turn this team into an even bigger Juggernaut. The Yankees lacked pitching in 2020. Both SP and RP, especially in the playoffs. Behind Cole, there was very little impact arms to pick up the slack and get the team to Cole's next start. The bats also went a bit cold, which happens to the Yankees quite a bit. So they can't seem to get the best of Tampa Bay or Houston's top this is the chance to match their firepower with their own SP Staff of Ace's and Cy Young type arms to get their Playoff swagger BACK for the foreseeable future.

Come on Hal....put your balance sheets away for 2021 and just sign the checks. Go out and get these players and make room on your trophy shelves and get your ring size written down. DO IT!

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