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Around the Empire: Yankees news — 11/28/2020

Yankees shouldn’t overpay for LeMahieu; some possible bargain pitchers; Molina pursued by “motivated” Yankees, Mets, among others; are Yankees going to get “impatient?”

Division Series - Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images | Joe Giglio: Among many Yankees fans, the entire offseason seems to hinge on whether or not Brian Cashman drops off a truck from Fort Knox at DJ LeMahieu’s house, and for very good reason — he is an extremely good player, and was very valuable to the Yankees the last two seasons. But just because the Yankees could, does not mean the Yankees should. Giglio gives five reasons that Cashman should not overpay for LeMahieu, including his declining defense, the traditional aging curve of second basemen, and the buyers’ market that free agency may turn into once the non-tendered players are set loose next week. | Mike Lupica: Can you believe it has been eleven years since the Yankees won the World Series? It feels like I’ve gone half my life without a Yankee championship (which is not quite accurate, as I am 24). Lupica starts wondering whether it is about time the Yankees start to get “impatient” and make some bold moves akin to the acquisitions of Giancarlo Stanton and Gerrit Cole in two of the last three years, both of which occurred after heartbreaking exits from the ALCS by the hand of the Houston Astros. | John Harper: In an offseason where everybody in the Andromeda galaxy “knows” that professional baseball teams lost “a ton of money” and are accordingly expected to be extremely frugal this winter, it is important to know who can be found in the proverbial bargain bin this holiday season. With the advice of a number of scouts and executives, John Harper has put together a list of ten buy-low candidates, several of whom have some connection to the Yankees. While a number of the players might represent good fits for pitching-starved Yankees, such as Mike Minor and Corey Kluber, Harper pegs the Yankees as signing Trevor Rosenthal and Garrett Richards. Yadier Molina confirmed in an interview with Laura Bonnelly on Thursday that both the Yankees and Mets appeared “motivated” to sign the future Hall of Famer, along with the Padres and Angels. That said, he’d prefer to return to the Cardinals, which in all honesty, is almost certainly what will end up happening. (Note: this link is to’s Free Agent Rumors page, so it will be continually updated; you may need to scroll down to see this particular bit, if something new has come up since then).