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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 11/18/20

Wednesday’s open thread.

New York Yankees v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Welcome to Wednesday. One of baseball’s marquee teams shook things up yesterday, as Cubs president Theo Epstein announced that he would officially step down and that longtime lieutenant Jed Hoyer would be taking his spot. It seems like Epstein will be taking a year away from the game, but hey, if Steve Cohen throws enough money at him, who knows?

Regardless, we’ll have have some solid posts at Pinstripe Alley today. Tom and Cooper will break down what went right and what went wrong for Luke Voit and Adam Ottavino (respectively), the report card series will continue with Jake on Aaron Hicks, and Josh will explain why the Yankees shouldn’t underestimate the Blue Jays’ dedication to improve this winter.

Fun Questions

  1. Suppose the Ricketts tell Hoyer that he needs to begin a fire sale and clean house. If the majority of their roster is up for trade talks, who would you most want to target? There are plenty of big names, but some of them have had a rough year or two.
  2. If you were Theo, would you even want to accept another job in baseball at this point? After breaking the Cubs and Red Sox droughts, what’s left to accomplish?