Whiskey's 2021 SP Rotation

SP1 Gerrit Cole

SP2 Trevor Bauer

SP3 Luis Severino

SP4 Domingo German

SP5 Deivi Garcia

Combined with the Yankees offense that should make us WS favorites in 2021.

For those who are reluctant to sign Bauer because his relationship with Cole is troubled, to put it mildly, or you don't like something Bauer tweeted, or you don't like him personally, or whatever reasons you might have, I'm old enough to remember Reggie's "straw that stirs the drink" interview that tore the Yankees clubhouse apart before he played a single game in pinstripes, including a rift between our two best everyday players, Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson, with players and even the manger, Billy Martin, taking sides. They didn't call it "The Bronx Zoo" for nothing, but that didn't stop them from winning back-to-back world championships in 77 and 78.

So how bout you. Are you tired enough of losing in October yet?

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