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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 11/10/20

Tuesday’s open thread.

Division Series - New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Five Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It is definitely a Tuesday now! That’s for sure. In addition to Matt’s earlier post on unusual Hall of Fame pitchers who only briefly appeared for the Yankees, and Dan’s on prospects most at risk in the upcoming Rule 5 Draft, the Roster Report Cards series will resume with Gerrit Cole. Peter will then argue why the Yankees should bring back longtime favorite Brett Gardner.

Fun Questions

  1. Well, this one isn’t necessarily as much a question as it is a prompt. What the actual hell is going on with the White Sox? Tony La Russa was charged with a DUI the day before he was named manager, which was a wild enough decision anyway. The White Sox knew about it and didn’t care. This was La Russa’s second DUI. Seems bad! Jerry Reinsdorf must have desperately wanted his old pal back. Bizarre. Could he really have not found another dude more fit for the job?
  2. Were you surprised by Brewers reliever Devin Williams being named NL Rookie of the Year over Alec Bohm & Jake Cronenworth despite just 27 innings pitched, or do you just not care as much because it was an extremely short season anyway?