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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 10/5/2020

Before the ALDS kicks off tonight, spend some time in today’s open thread.

American League Wild Card Game 2: New York Yankees v. Cleveland Indians Photo by Joe Sargent/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Did you enjoy the small reprieve following the Wild Card Series? Well, get ready to go right back into a sprint of games, as the ALDS kicks off tonight and the Yankees could play as many as five straight games in the same amount of days.

That means that it’s time for the final round of previews and pre-series analysis before the first pitch is thrown. Cooper digs into an intriguing mirror image in the Yankees and Rays’ bullpens, and Peter delivers the overall series preview. On top of that, Tyler and I have the usual FanPost prompt and mailbag request.

This should be a fun series of games, let’s see if the Yankees can start things off with a win tonight. In the meantime, feel free to hang around here in your open thread for the day.

Fun Questions:

1. Who wins the pitching matchup tonight — Cole or Snell?

2. Will we see any scuffles break out in Game One?