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The five longest home runs of the 2020 Yankees’ season

Let’s watch some dingers.

Division Series - New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the past couple days, we here at Pinstripe Alley have been reviewing the season. There’s been some good and, especially considering how things ended, there’s been some bad. Now it’s time to look back on some good and cool moments.

Even those that think that the Yankees are “too reliant on the home run” or whatever have to admit this: it’s very cool when a home run goes very far. So let’s watch some of them do just that. Here are the five longest home runs from the 2020 Yankees season.

5. Gary Sánchez: 457 feet (August 14 vs. Red Sox)

Gary Sánchez did not have a good season. However, there was a brief run in mid-August where he looked like he might be turning things around. From August 12-15, he homered in three straight games, the most impressive of which was this shot into the bleachers behind the bullpen against Boston. The Yankees already had a lead, but this one pretty much put the game out of reach, as they eventually won 10-3.

4. Giancarlo Stanton: 458 feet (ALDS Game 2 vs. Rays)

Giancarlo Stanton was on fire to start the ALDS. He hit a grand slam that basically clinched Game One, and had also hit a solo shot in the second inning of Game Two. When he came to the plate in the fourth inning, the Yankees were in need of a boost. They were trailing 5-1, but had two runners on. Stanton then delivered, crushing a ball into the outer reaches of Petco Park, getting the Yankees right back into the game.

3. Giancarlo Stanton: 459 feet (July 23 vs. Nationals)

Opening Day was pretty fun for the Yankees. Gerrit Cole was finally a Yankee after years and several attempts to acquire him, and was on the mound making his debut. He also got a lead before he ever took the mound. In the top of the first, Stanton went very deep off of Max Scherzer, getting the Yankees’ 2020 season off to an excellent start.

2. Aaron Judge: 468 feet (August 2 vs. Red Sox)

Before getting hurt in mid-August, Aaron Judge was on fire. Through August 11, he had hit nine home runs and was OPSing 1.101. The best and most important game in that time came against the Red Sox in early August.

In the second inning, he had given the Yankees a 3-2 lead with a three-run shot. That started a see-saw of a game, where the Red Sox took a lead four different times, only for the Yankees to reel them back in every time. In the eighth, DJ LeMahieu had tied things up with an RBI single, brining Judge to the plate. Judge then gave the Yankees the lead, demolishing a pitch deep into the left field bleachers.

1. Giancarlo Stanton: 483 feet (July 25 vs. Nationals)

After his Opening Day dinger, it took Stanton just two days and one game to top it. In the fourth inning of the second game of the season, he stepped to the plate and quickly got ahead in the count 3-0. Whether he wasn’t given the take signal or just did it on his own, Stanton swung at the next pitch. It was the correct decision. He hit a massive dong that went nearly 500 feet and almost out of Nationals Park.

The 483 foot blast was the third longest in all of baseball, only behind a 495 foot one by Ronald Acuña Jr. and a 487 foot one from Luis Robert.