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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 10/27/20

An open thread for a Tuesday.

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The final day of the 2020 season may be upon us. The World Series will conclude either tonight or tomorrow, bringing this strange year of baseball to a close. Thus far, the Dodgers and Rays have given us a captivating series. Those of us rooting against Tampa may hope it ends in a matter of hours, but the prospect of one more Game Seven is also salivating.

Today, we’ll have another season review piece, Andrés will look at the importance of Clarke Schmidt to the 2021 team, Peter will delve into whether the Yankees should turn Michael King into a permanent bullpen piece, while I’ll delve into the implications of the Yankees’ potential self-imposed budget constraints.

Fun Questions

  1. If you had to call it right now, who wins the 2021 AL East, the Yankees or the Rays?
  2. Does the season end tonight, or do we have a Game Seven?