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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 10/17/2020

Start off your Saturday with an open thread.

Division Series - New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’ve nearly gotten to the end of the LCS, and things have gotten more interesting than it originally looked. As early as tonight and no later than tomorrow we’ll know who will be playing in the Fall Classic, and the Astros and Dodgers are making the push on their respective sides of the bracket to complete some historic comebacks.

On the site today, we’ve got some more introspection of the Yankees’ season and a look ahead to some promising and concerning 2021 details. Josh takes a dive into what created the “inconsistent” offense this year, and Ryan Chichester breaks down how Aaron Hicks made the most of a return season. Meanwhile, Andrés dissects how Nick Nelson’s fastball could lead to him elevating his status in the bullpen and Dan Kelly highlights how the Yankees would currently struggle to get their staff through a 162 game season.

Fun Questions:

1. How confident are you with Aaron Hicks in center field heading into 2021?

2. Are the Astros going to complete the first-ever* 0-3 series comeback?