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Yankees win 2020 Wild Card Series, punch ticket to ALDS

Bring on the Rays!

MLB: Wild Card-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees did it, oh yes they did! The Yankees swept the Wild Card Series after a 10-9 victory over the Indians. It was a back-and-forth affair, with who else but DJ LeMahieu finally delivering the winning hit in the top of the ninth.

By picking up a win tonight, the Yankees punched their ticket to the ALDS, where they will face the Tampa Bay Rays. These clubs know each other intimately well. They played 10 games together in the regular season, of which Tampa Bay won the season series by eight games to two. Hey, the slate gets wiped clean in the playoffs, right?

Tampa Bay might have led the American League, but they don’t exactly get home-field advantage this October. All ALDS games between the Rays and Bombers will take place at a neutral location, Petco Park in San Diego. That’s the bubble for you.

Here’s the full ALDS schedule:

Yankees 2020 ALDS Schedule

Game Date Location Time TV Channel
Game Date Location Time TV Channel
One Monday, October 5 Petco Park TBD TBA
Two Tuesday, October 6 Petco Park TBD TBA
Three Wednesday, October 7 Petco Park TBD TBA
Four* Thursday, October 8 Petco Park TBD TBA
Five* Friday, October 9 Petco Park TBD TBA
*If necessary

So, tonight (this morning?), we celebrate. As fans we deserve it after that slog of a regular season and roller coaster of a Game Two. We’ll get back to work tomorrow. Congratulations Yankees!