Is Cole the best SP in baseball?

Not second best and not just 'in the conversation' for the top dog,

But the best SP in baseball with no ifs, ands or buts?

I say he is because unlike DeGrom he's already a proven warrior in the post season, not just the regular season. That's huge for the Yankees because we all know this is about the hunt for #28 and beyond, and frankly you never know how a player is going to handle October baseball until he's been there and done that. Lastly he's 29 years old and in his absolute prime. Who knows what happens four or five years from now, but IMO RIGHT NOW he is the best SP in baseball and my favorite kind too, the kind who deals absolute smoke and strikes hitters out by the bushel basket, and doesn't lose his velocity late.

What say you? Did we sign the best SP in baseball, yea or nay?

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