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Jim Leyritz, Ty Hensley talk comebacks and redemption

Two former members of the Yankees’ organization joined the latest episode of the Bomber Brothers podcast.

World Series 4 Leyritz

A new episode of the Bomber Brothers podcast is out, and despite the lack of any current Yankees news to discuss, this episode is packed with notable stories from a Yankees hero and a former Yankees draft pick trying to make his way back to the pros.

Ty Hensley, drafted by the Yankees in the first round in 2012, was a hyped prospect before running into a load of injury troubles, including two Tommy John surgeries, an abdominal tear, and multiple hip problems. But recently, he emerged on Twitter flashing a curveball that boasted 3,000 rpm, and was shared by Rob Friedman on his Pitching Ninja Twitter account. Hensley stopped by the podcast to talk with Shaun and Ryan about his road through all of his injuries, how he’s managed to stay determined to achieve his goal, and where he hopes to be by the end of the 2020 season.

Jim Leyritz also joined the podcast to share some lesser known stories surrounding his legendary home run in game four of the 1996 World Series, including an incredible story involving a pair of Braves scouts at the time, who could have signed Leyritz themselves. Plus, Leyritz opens up about his life after baseball and how his life has turned around following his car crash and ensuing trial. To hear more about both comeback stories, click the link below, and please take a moment to review and subscribe for more Yankees content and more exciting guests!