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Celebrate Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame election with a new shirt from BreakingT

It’s the perfect shirt to wear to Cooperstown

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The Captain is going to Cooperstown. Earlier this week, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America elected Derek Jeter into the Hall of Fame. His accomplishments need no re-telling; his legacy speaks for itself. If you’re interested, however, you can find our Hall of Fame coverage here.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to continue our celebration of Jeter. What better way to show off your appreciation than with a new shirt from BreakingT. The COOPER2TOWN shirt features a pinstriped-silhouette of Jeter’s iconic jump throw, plus his signature no. 2. If you’re planning on attending the induction ceremony in July, this is the perfect shirt for the occasion.

BreakingT shirts have the MLBPA seal of approval and are made in the USA. They’re real comfortable, too! You can order yours today by clicking on the links below.

Cooper2town T-shirt for $28