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Fan confidence in Yankees reaches 90% threshold

Yankees fans feel good as the stretch run heats up.

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MLB: Texas Rangers at New York Yankees Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

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The first week of September saw the Yankees clear a major milestone, as the team notched its 90th win of the season on Sunday. In a year marred by injuries, it stands out as a significant accomplishment to pile up 90 wins. That they did so with a month left to play, however, serves as a testament to this team’s greatness.

In terms of other benchmarks, the Yankees also reached the 90% threshold in this week’s FanPulse polling. This marks the first time the club had such a strong rating since Week 15.

Aaron Boone, meanwhile, saw his approval rating drop to 84%. That stands out as interesting for two reasons. First, the manager lost points despite the increase in the team confidence rating. Second, Boone has polled at 84% for three of the last four weeks:

Week 24: 84%
Week 23: 87%
Week 22: 84%
Week 21: 84%

Boone’s numbers are nothing if not consistent, I guess.

For this week’s national poll, SB Nation asked respondents for their opinions on benches-clearing brawls. As it turns out, most think they’re fine.

There definitely exists a rush of excitement when they go down, but I always cringe at the thought of someone getting hurt. I’d be fine if they never involve the Yankees.

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