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Yankees Highlights: Giancarlo Stanton is all the way back

Bombers win game number 101!

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the crappy AL East team that the Yankees had a hard time against was the Orioles. This year, it has been the Blue Jays. That wasn’t true today, at least. After last night’s loss, the Bombers were able to even out this final series with a 7-2 victory over Toronto this afternoon. We’ll have a full recap up shortly. Check out the highlights in the meantime:

Winner(s) of the Game

Prior to his return from the injured list the other day, Giancarlo Stanton had only played in nine Yankee games this season. There have been a lot of questions about how long it would take him to get going at the plate, and the answer appears to be: not long. Stanton kicked things off with an RBI double to tie up the game. Later, he extended the Yankees’ lead with a monster home run to left field (111.5 mph off the bat).

James Paxton sure turned his season around. Since August 2, he has surrendered just 15 earned runs across ten starts. He looked great today. Through six innings, he gave up just three hits, didn’t walk a batter, and racked up seven strikeouts.

Honorable mention: Tyler Wade, Mike Ford

Loser of the Series

The series isn’t over yet, but Joe West has already won this title. He made awful calls behind home plate last night, and today he took it upon himself to toss Aaron Boone for chirping at the home plate ump...from third base. According to the YES booth, this happened while the stadium was playing a video on the board so West couldn’t possibly have even heard what Boone was saying.


Source: FanGraphs