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How Deivi Garcia could shape the Yankees’ postseason hunt

If Deivi Garcia gets called up he could be a huge piece of the Yankees’ postseason success

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

There’s no question the Yankees hold Deivi Garcia with high regard. The top pitching prospect was withheld from all major trades that ultimately may have allowed the Yankees to add to their starting rotation at the trade deadline.

The reason Garcia still continues to be apart of the Yankees farm system is evidently not only because of what the franchise sees in him, but also what scouts and baseball personalities around the league see as well:

“Garcia’s best pitch is a high-spin curveball with so much depth that he’ll have to prove he can land it for strikes when more advanced hitters don’t chase it out of the zone as often. He also gets good spin on his fastball, which plays better than its 91-96 MPH velocity with deceptive riding life. He made strides with his fading changeup in 2018, creating optimism that it can become at least a solid third offering.” (MLB Pipeline)

Due to his small frame scouts have questioned Garcia’s durability and whether he’d be able to handle the workload of a major league starter, but he sure has the stuff to supersede any doubts. At one point this season he had an astonishing 15.1 strikeouts per 9 innings. In 108.1 innings pitched so far this season he has 163 strikeouts with an incredible 13.5 K/9. Punch-outs are clearly something that comes with ease for Garcia. If the Yankees could allow him to get some experience prior to the postseason against major league hitting that would be extremely beneficial for the 20 year old.

With upcoming series against the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Rays these type of lineups will present that perfect test to see what Garcia is capable of. Throwing him into the fire with such high expectations of the postseason just wouldn't be wise. A plethora of teams are calling up their young prospects and it may be time for the Yankees to give one of their prized possessions a chance after all.

The dynamic that Garcia adds to the Yankees is extremely valuable because he can be used as a starter or a bullpen piece—maybe in the form of a long reliever to close the gap between the rotation and the rest of the arms in the back end of the bullpen. His high spin curveball and fastball that tops around 96 mph should perform well in either role.

He is able to reach maximum efficiency with his pitches and has such a smooth delivery that baseball figures around the league have started to call him baby Pedro Martinez. Clearly, we don’t expect him to be Pedro, we just need him to be Deivi. Coming up in September and pitching in some meaningful games along the way would pay off because it’ll allow him to make adjustments despite how great or unsuccessful he is initially.

The key is to get out the jitters then maximize the talent and ability that has been associated with him all season. The addition of Garcia to the Yankees staff could give them a shot in the arm that they need, and allow him to eat up innings while spreading out the workload amongst the starters in the ‘pen. Throw in a top pitching prospect, home field advantage and a fully healthy roster, and the Yankees could have a recipe for success heading into October.