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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 8/23/19

Cashman probably should have just paid Corbin last winter; Boone’s sticking with Happ in the rotation; Yanks have been awful in Oakland of late; Debating if Chapman is the best southpaw reliever ever.

Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images | Brendan Kuty: While J,A. Happ has been a disaster this season, Patrick Corbin has flourished. In fact, he has been flat-out dominant over the past few months. While Happ was getting clobbered in Oakland, Corbin was tossing eight scoreless innings against the Pirates. Once again, it brought up the opportunity to beg the question: should the Yanks have just paid Corbin in the offseason? | Brendan Kuty: More from Kuty here, and it’s slightly related to the Corbin article. After another poor outing, Aaron Boone made it clear that Happ was staying in the rotation and would pitch his next turn. It may seem like what the Yanks did with Sonny Gray last year, but this time, it’s more out of necessity. The Yankees simply don’t have other options right now. So hurry back, Sevy.

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Another year, another series loss in Oakland. The Bombers are now just 7-20 on the road against the A’s since July of 2012. While the Yanks have been solid as a whole on the road this season, they’ll have to be better than they’ve been over the past two games. Home-field advantage is on the line, and with the bulk of the Yankees’ remaining games taking place away from Yankee Stadium, playing well on the road is crucial.

Beyond the Box Score | Daniel Epstein: Our friends at Beyond the Box Score took a look at Aroldis Chapman to address a fair question: is he the greatest left-handed reliever of all time? Chapman has recently pulled himself out of a brief funk and has been dominant in August. He has certainly put himself in the conversation as the best southpaw used in a relief role.