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Stand by Brett Gardner with a Gardy Party t-shirt

No dugouts were harmed making this shirt

Give Brett Gardner credit. He shrugged off the criticism that accompanied his contract signing last October and has been one of the team’s most reliable contributors. The 35-year-old stepped in as a full-time outfielder after a rash of injuries, and he has hit to the tune of a 112 wRC+.

In addition to his on-field production, Gardner has given the Yankees plenty of memorable moments in the dugout. Remember that time he busted open his lip after a tossed batting helmet ricocheted? The peak moment, however, came on July 18—the same day that Aaron Boone launched his “savages in the box” rant.

Gardner took it upon himself to air his grievances by banging his bat against the dugout ceiling, as immortalized in this phenomenal tweet:

The dugout pounding happened twice more, but both times resulted in an ejection. And while it may not happen again, we can still celebrate the passion brought forward by Gardner.

To get the job done, our friends at BreakingT came up with a Gardy Party shirt.

As always, BreakingT shirts are comfortable, MLBPA approved, and made in America. You can order yours by clicking here. Grab one today!