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Sometimes the Mets are just... the Mets

On this week’s episode: A bust at the trade deadline, Luke Voit joining the Yankee infirmary, the Mets doing Mets things, and trading Aaron Judge for a private jet

New York Mets v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Let’s call it like it is: There was some anger behind this podcast. Maybe it’s the trade deadline blues, but on the ninth episode of Monument Talk, Kenny and Matt sunk their teeth in. Apologies in advance to Mets fans, Trevor Bauer, Larry Rothschild, and people who own private jets. Sometimes you just have to let it rip.

The episode starts off with a discussion on Houston picking up Zack Greinke (2:51), before jumping over to Luke Voit’s trip to the Yankee infirmary which seems to be growing day after day (16:14).

They then head to the weekly categories, starting with whether or not Matt would trade Aaron Judge to have a private jet at his disposal for life (22:43), a flaming hot discussion on the Mets just generally being the Mets (26:23), the coveted Big Bastad Award (29:34), and the loser and winner of the week (36:01).

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