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Yankees fans are impressed with Aaron Boone after savages speech

Boone gets some credit after last week’s meltdown

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New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

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Remember when Aaron Boone blew up in Brennan Miller’s face and called the Yankees a bunch of savages in the box? That was fun. In addition to illustrating the lengths he would go to protect his team, the explosion engendered him with the good will of Yankees fans. In this week’s FanPulse poll, Boone saw his approval rating jump to 86%. He fell just short of his season of 87% from Week 11.

Overall confidence in the team also grew slightly this week. For Week 18, 84% of respondents said they approve of the direction in which the club is heading. Last week that number checked in at 82%.

As for this week’s national poll, many readers find Marcus Stroman to be most valued player at this season’s trade deadline.

The Yankees have been connected to the right-hander for some time now, although recent chatter suggests they aren’t all that interested. Joel Sherman says the Bombers are in the back seat, not pursuing him with the energy they did J.A. Happ last summer.

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