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Around the Empire - Yankees news: 7/23/19

Yankees scouting Mike Minor; Questions ahead of the trade deadline; On Gary Sanchez and his prolonged slump

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports | Joe Giglio: As the Yankees continue their hunt for starting pitchers ahead of the trade deadline, it appears their attention has turned to Rangers southpaw Mike Minor. The Bombers recently scouted him, but the extent of their interest remains unclear. Here, Giglio and Rangers beat writer Evan Grant think that Minor would fetch two organizational top-10 prospects, plus a third piece. | Pete Caldera: Speaking of the trade deadline, many questions still circle around the Yankees. Caldera attempts to find the most pressing of them. He wonders about the scope of trades, Clint Frazier’s future, and the possibility of the Yankees just standing pat. This piece captures what’s on the mind of many fans.

New York Post | George A. King III: Gary Sanchez remains in the midst of a protracted slump. The Yankees remain adamant in denying a jammed thumb suffered during the London Series is responsible for his poor performance at the plate. Aaron Boone says he likes the look of Sanchez’s swing and believes it’s just a matter of finding the right pitches.