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A conversation about Yogi Berra and Yoo-hoo

On this episode of Monument Talk, we cover Yogi’s investments, the rise of Aaron Hicks, Aroldis Chapman’s possible opt-out, and the very rare Jacoby Ellsbury Lego set

Yogi In Action Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

Things didn’t go as planned this week on Monument Talk. Sure, we talked about Yogi Berra and Yoo-hoo (1:02), the new thing to yell from the stands in the Bronx (6:02), Mariano Rivera’s gate at JFK airport and his dedicated Boeing 757 airplane (9:37), the rise of Aaron Hicks’ offense (11:07), Aroldis Chapman’s possible opt-out after this season (13:51), and picking up Terrance Gore from Kansas City (19:48), but then the wheels fell off.

Due to a technical difficulty, we lost some audio and had to get creative. Yes, we could have just re-recorded everything like professionals, but where’s the fun in that? So, introducing: the first-ever out-of-context quotes segment (22:44). When life hands you lemons, chop up your audio.

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