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Ryan Ruocco talks CC Sabathia, filling in for John Sterling, and the origin of the R2C2 podcast

The YES Network announcer and R2C2 podcast host joined the Bomber Brothers podcast to talk about his various experiences around the Yankees.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Bomber Brothers podcast welcomed another exciting guest this week in Ryan Ruocco, who has been a large part of Yankees broadcasts over the past few weeks, in both radio and television.

In his time on the podcast, Ruocco discussed the experience of filling in for John Sterling on the radio in Tampa Bay earlier this month, and how seamless of a transition it was thanks to his partner for the weekend, Suzyn Waldman. With Michael Kay recovering from vocal chord surgery, Ruocco has also seen more time in the YES booth. He admits the positive emotions in his broadcasts stem from him still being an avid fan of the team, which he has worshiped since he was a kid.

Ruocco also discussed his hit podcast R2C2, and how the idea originally came about. The podcast, now two years old, has expanded to include guests from outside the Yankees’ locker room. Ruocco talked about the intrigue of bringing in perspectives from other teams, and how his relationship with CC Sabathia has given him a unique lens when watching the big left-hander erupt on the mound, like he did Tuesday night against the Rays.

For the full interview and podcast episode, check out the link below!